Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh tiny suitcase, you are so tiny

Today was wicked, I caught up on lots of stuff: sleep, unpacking and using my French Press coffee maker, laundry, unpacking from South Africa (yep, still not done with that yet) and a bunch of other stuff. Good times. Then went downtown and went to Macy's (I love that place) and used their combination of 700 discounts to get a great deal on a tiny new "carry-on suitcase" - super cool!!! My sister Norm got one of these for her thousands of conferences she's been speaking at, and so it's a freakin' great idea. It's nice to not check baggage, and also a lot of airlines are actually charging for checked baggage so that sucks too. Fun times!!

So it's nice to get a tiny suitcase like this so I can take what I need for weekend trips or medium-length trips (like this Siggraph trip to LA). It'll be perfect. And if it's too heavy to schlep on the plane on the way back, I can always check it. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

Big suitcase, small suitcase!

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