Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Universal Studios

On Saturday Kurt and I went to Universal Studios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was insanely amazing as usual. We actually got "Front of the Line" passes which were totally great but also awesome awkward as you walk in a special line away from everyone else, and you have to flash your fancy "Gate A" pass in front of everyone and then you walk right into the show or ride. Insane. It was sweet, and made it so we could go to everything and only spend 6 hours (and not 12) in the sun at the park. :)

It was amazing, then we met Kurt's friends in the evening to watch The Dark Knight in IMAX. It was incredible and the city scenes in IMAX are just glorious.

Also... THE SIMPSONS RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was new, and (unfortunately) the replacement for the old Back to the Future ride. It was hilarious, tons of inside jokes, and I loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the evening after the movie we just went back to Kurt's and played some more Halo 3. :)

Me at the Universal Studios Hollywood sign!!

This place is amazing

The dude at the front standing up in these sculptures is a real person!!! The rest were sculptures. Crazy!!

Kurt going to town on his lunch

Waterworld show

The dude putting the plane back after the Waterworld show


Fake Comic Book store from The Simpsons

A Kwik-E-Mart!!!!!!!!

So coooooooool

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is SO AMAZING I can hardly take it!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said. This ride was made for me.

Hilarious signs

Hahahaha check out the sign that says "Give it a shot... then GO AWAY!" :)

So, so classic.

The gift shop


Tons of Simpsons stuff

HUGE Lard Lad Doughnut

Kurt bought a Flaming Moe energy drink

Kurt and a frozen banana

Back at The Simpsons Ride again

Using our "Gate A" pass

Kurt back at The Simpsons ride after getting soaked on the Jurassic Park ride

Back lot tour


DeLorean from Back to the Future!!

The Bates Motel from Psycho

Sooo coool

Haha crazy actor guy coming at the tour with a fake knife

War of the Worlds set

More of the War of the Worlds set

Huge blue screen

Arend rockin' the Hard Rock Cafe neon guitar


Amazing Monsters, Inc. figures

Sooo cool

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