Sunday, August 24, 2008

Digital SLR purchasing

Seems like buying a D-SLR is on everyone's minds these days. :) I was talking to Stephan about his Nikon D80 yesterday and looks like Joel is in the market too.

I'm pretty set on a Canon since I love Canon and also I have my Mom's old Canon 75-300mm lens sitting here just waiting for a camera body to be attached to. :) It looks like Canon released a new Rebel XS, a cheaper version of the Rebel XSi - and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the difference. I could also fall back to the Rebel XT or Rebel XTi but based on the CNET reviews the XTi was not a significant increase in features over the XT... and the prices are all reasonably similar so it might be worth getting the newer one with updated features.

This website seems really helpful, it's a cross-section of all the Canon D-SLRs on the market at the moment, and I think this will help my decision. It is sounding like the XSi probably makes the most sense, since I just looked at B&H Photo and it appears that the XS and XSi are actually selling there for the SAME price?! ($699 with lens). I could save a few hundred by going with the older Rebel XT, but some of the features of the XSi are pretty sick - bigger screen, faster burst time, faster RAW file writing, Live View and the fact that it takes SD cards rather than CF cards (finally!) :)

Anyway this is one of my bigger purchases on the way, just gotta decide which one to get and then enrol for an SLR camera course. :)

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