Monday, August 04, 2008

Nick's party and the weekend

Crazy weekend. Friday was amazing, met some great people, had a fantastic time in lower Haight St area... lots of great chattin' and a bunch of awesome new friends. That ROCKED. Saturday was awesome too. I went to the Ferry Building to chill out and then we went to Nick's house for his birthday party. I played Rock Band for the first time and it is totally insane, super fun and it was great to hang out with my awesome work buddies. Sunday was awesome for a while but then turned out to be stupidly stressful and ridiculous for a reason I don't want to get into on here. But anyhow, now back into the week, work is great, and chilled with Matt at work today - he's always the master of good advice. :)

Excited for Siggraph next week and also hangin' with Kurt and seeing some of my other Siggraph-related homeys. Also finally busted out the electric guitar and I'm gonna spend some time restoring the tremolo bridge and so on, it's all gold plated but it's really oxidized from the last few years and needs some love. :) So I'm gonna spend some time making it shine before re-stringing it.

Some nice dinner I made last week

Rock Band at Nick's house


Sick screen to play Rock Band on

Thaddeus rockin' it out

Beautiful view

Me and Jacob

My guitar in pre-cleaned state! :)

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