Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ben Folds tomorrow night

Dude... I am SO excited for the Ben Folds concert tomorrow night. Ben Folds (website here: http://www.benfolds.com) is one of the best Piano players I've ever heard. I looovvve his music. He used to be the lead singer/piano player for the band Ben Folds Five but now he is doing solo music. Some amazing tunes. I somehow convinced Matt Parrott to join me and drop a bunch of cash on this concert and I think we are going to have an awesome time.

I especially like a song called "One Down" from his album called "Ben Folds Live" - oh man it rocks.

Just getting everything finished at work before I head home. Home will be fun and I have lots to do when I get back. Moving and tons of other stuff and then I am going to be a Frosh Leader (a first-year Waterloo student floor leader) for VOC, the Village Orientation Committee. That means that my frosh leading partner and I will be the two designated leaders for one of the residence "houses" on campus and it is always a reallly fun time. I helped plan this kind of stuff for our high school's Grade 9 orientation weeks back in the day, so it is fun to be a part of this at University as well. Good times! Should be a busy time to get all my stuff moved to my new place in Waterloo but it'll be cool. Looking forward to my new house and meeting my new roommates.

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