Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dave Matthews Band concert and Stinson Beach again

Today was awesome, I went out for breakfast this morning at our new favourite spot, the EmeryBay Cafe which is right near our house and has some good and cheap food.

Matt's brother Orion is here from Boston and they rented a car which was sweet, so we drove to Stinson Beach and got some good food at Trader Joe's to take with us. It was awesome. Lots of good pics on the beach again. There was tons of fog but it made for some super cool photos.

On the way back to San Francisco, we saw a sweet Ferrari on the highway and we wanted to race him, haha yeah right, we were in a Toyota. Good times. Anyway after that we headed to SBC Park in San Francisco for the Dave Matthews concert!! It was soooooooo amazing as usual!! This is my 4th or 5th time seeing Dave Matthews Band in concert and they were insane and so impressive as usual. Here is the setlist from the concert that I downloaded from the website. They played some awesome tunes, and they played a 30-minute rendition of "Warehouse" that was so intense, I haven't heard tunes this good since last time I saw DMB in concert!!

Saturday Aug 13 2005
SBC Park

American Baby
Dream Girl
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies
The Stone
Lover Lay Down
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse *
Old Dirt Hill +
Stand Up *+
Two Step *+


Steady As We Go
What You Are

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross
+ Eric Krasno

The two guests were really awesome and very talented too. I loved the songs they played from the new album, "Dreamgirl" and "Old Dirt Hill" are probably my 2 favourite songs from the new album. It ROCKED!! They played Crash and #41 as well which is SWEET!!!!!!!! Crash is once again clearly my favourite song ever!! :)

It was a good time today and tomorrow we are going to hang out in Carmel at the beach with some more Pixar homeys.

On the way to Stinson Beach

Someone had this sticker on their car: "It's hard to be humble when you own an Australian Cattle Dog"!! haha ok?!?!

Driving through the windy roads

Cool pic of trees through the window

Matt and Orion

Matt pointing at something

Matt and I

Matt and Orion on Stinson Beach

Me in my sweeeeeet jacket, hangin' on the beach...

Me and Orion

Matt, Orion, lots of fog and a kite

And another photo

Nice beach picture

Orion jumping in the air

Matt and Orion looking at nature

Haha looks like I am trying to do some magic

A Ferrari on the Golden Gate bridge that we ended up sortof racing (for like 5 seconds) and then we won, haha

Sweet, the Ferrari in front of us on the Golden Gate Bridge

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