Friday, August 05, 2005

Changes, changes, changes

Just wanted to write something about changes.
It seems like we go through life so casually, and never really expect things to change. Especially comfortable situations or friends we have - we expect (and hope) that those things will always be a part of us.

It sure is a big shock and an upsetting time when things like this change, and I've just recently had a tough situation to get through.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out, family, friends and my roommates. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your understanding, advice and kindness. Whoever said that being 23 is easy is completely nuts... there are so many life decisions that you have to make at this age and it can be daunting and hard and upsetting and crazy all at once. Oy Gevault.

As one of my new friend's website so rightly says, "Life is a journey - you can't always know how it's going to end up... but love it and live it just the same." Thanks Tracy, sure was an opportune time for me to run into this little saying of yours, just when I needed it the most. Thanks.

Crazy times. Anyway I better get some sleep and catch up those hours I missed at Siggraph. Pictures coming soon. Thanks for listening. :)

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Z said...

'sup dude. Hope you feel better about whatever's bugging you. You ain't nuttin' to fuck with, from what I hear.

Also, you're a bastard for working in California while I'm stuck here.