Monday, August 08, 2005

Siggraph 2005 - Day 2

Day 2 at Siggraph was even more awesome. I volunteered to help out at the Pixar booth which was really super fun. I got to hand out Pixar RenderMan walking teapots and also answer some questions from people who were looking for jobs as programmers or TDs at Pixar. It was reallllly fun!

After hanging out at the booth for a bit, Alex and I wandered around to lots of the other booths, and it was awesome. Alias had a huge presence there which was really cool and there were lots of ongoing demos. We ran into John Yee and some of the HR people from Alias so that was nice to say Hi.

Later on in the day, we went to the job fair for a bit and then back to the Hotel to change. Then we went back to Siggraph to listen to a special presentation by Dennis Muren (ILM mastermind) and John Knoll (one of the inventors of Photoshop) which was a Star Wars Retrospective talk, describing the types of effects and techniques created for the first three Star Wars movies and how those techniques were achieved with modern digital cinema technology for the more recent three Star Wars movies. Super awesome... especially because Star Wars and ILM is one of the major reasons why I decided that Computer Graphics might just be the coolest thing in the world... :) It was insane to see Dennis Muren talk because I have seen interviews and DVD extras for years where he talks about ILM's techniques. It was nuts to see that kind of a CG superstar in real life! Amazing!

After the talk, we headed to the Houdini "get.hip" party. We got to hang out for a bit first and meet some people, before heading into the Houdini meeting where we watched a demo of Houdini's new features. Before going into the Houdini meeting, we unfortunately had to say Goodbye to our new friends from SCAD which was sad, but hopefully we will run into them again someday, they rocked pretty darn fierce. Hehe anyway after the meeting, we headed into the party and it was fun. Lots of Pixar crew there so that was great. We had an awesome time dancing and there was some hip-hop (sweet) and a guy who was scratching and mixing some crazy/awesome tunes. It was great! Another awesome day followed but a super fun evening of dancing and partying with good friends. Magnificent!!

Me at the Pixar booth

The main character from "Cars", the upcoming Pixar movie

Oh my gosh, it's Jim Blinn! A quote from Wikipedia... "there are about a dozen important people in Computer Graphics, and Jim Blinn is 6 of them." Insane.

Pixar booth from afar

Yeeahh!! Tracy and Rob came to visit me at the booth and I scored RenderMan teapots for them. :)

DreamWorks booth, with a Shrek 3 poster

DreamWorks action

Sweet, it's the ILM booth!

Massive, a cool crowd sim companay from New Zealand

Massive was selling something called Massive Jet, a new version of their famous software that was used for Peter Jackson's lord of the rings movies

Sony aka sweet times

Posters at the Sony booth

EA booth

The awesome Alias booth, and the new image for Maya 7!

Hey look, it's Tim Fowler from Alias! I ran into Tim at Siggraph and chatted about the good 'ol days when we were programming for Alias ImageStudio 1.0 (hehe like 2 years ago)

Tracy making a face at the Houdini pre-party job fair

Me and Alex had to say Goodbye to our new SCAD friends, sad times!

The Houdini party logo

Breakin' it down, once again

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