Sunday, August 28, 2005

March of the Penguins, XBox, and hangin' out

It's our last weekend here together so a bunch of us played Burnout 3 on XBox again, yes it is our new favourite game. Matt and Alex and I have been watching a lot of episodes of the show "Scrubs" and it is pretty cool. Alex and I have been catching up on lots of Simpsons episodes lately too so that is always a good time.

Matt is heading home tomorrow so that is sad but we will say bye to him tomorrow morning. Tonight was pretty sweet, we went to see the movie "March of the Pengiuns", a National Geographic feature film documentary shot in Antarctica. It was AWESOME!! It was a really cool movie and the kind of shots they got were amazing. There was some insane underwater camera work of the Penguins getting food and also plenty of amazing shots in the cold wind and of the Pengiuns waddling along on their long journey. It was a really cool movie and they did a fantastic job of filming it too.

Other than that we are just cleaning up the place and getting packed soon too. Looking forward to seeing everyone at home. My new house in Waterloo sounds pretty sweet too and I move there just after I get back.

Matt and Alex hangin' out

Sweet Burnout 3 action on XBox

Mmm... lunch garbage

Rob and Justin playing some XBox

And another random Matt and Alex picture

The Jackalope from the Pixar short "Boundin'"

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