Sunday, August 21, 2005

One of our last Pixar intern parties

Tonight we had a great party at my apartment. I got a bunch of food at Trader Joe's this afternoon and we had a bunch of good junk food for people (fries, wedge fries, chicken fingers, etc) and it was super awesome.

We had lots of people here and it rocked. Lots of good friends from work and it is nice to hang out all together as many of us are going home soon. I figured that Jake should be in charge of tunes and that was an awesome plan, Jake did a great job of getting some hip hop vibe going the whole night. It rocked and eventually we got some people dancing and that was a great time.

After some people started leaving, half of the group started a game of poker and the other half kept playing video games so that was fun too. We slowed it down a bit and I got to be DJ for a while, with some Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and other such good slower tunes.

Anyway it was a great party and I was hoping for it to be the best of the summer... it sure did not disappoint. Fun times.

Me "messin' with Texas"

Susan and Kev playing XBox

Matt and I ready for the party, me wearing my new shirt

Sophie and Matt

Susan and the XBox controller

Austin doing a crazy face

Probably the craziest picture of the night, not sure what Taylor is doing and Susan looks like she is not doing very well at XBox

Jake the DJ

And now for the dancing photos... Jake and I cuttin' it up

Good times

Haha, triple threat Pixar dancin' crew

Getting tired of dancing

Matt and Rob just hangin'

Sean giving his review of the party

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