Monday, August 08, 2005

Siggraph 2005 - Day 1

This past week, my buddy Alex and I headed to LA for Siggraph, an annual/awesome Computer Graphics conference. Ohhhh man it was soooo amazing.

This was my first Siggraph and thus I was freakin' out due to the overabundance of good times. I looooved it. There was a job fair, booths and demonstrations from basically every single company that I have ever wanted to work for, an insanely awesome emerging technologies exhibit and more and more.

Not only did I have an amazing time and get to see a bunch of my old friends from Alias, but I made some magnificent new friends too. I met lots of cool people from SCAD. Actually, it is almost ridiculous how great people from SCAD are, (e.g. Matthew, Taylor and Sean) but alas the rumour/truthfulness was more than proven at Siggraph.

Well enough chatting for now, here are pics from Siggraph Day numero uno!

Alex at the Pixar front entrance

Kevin and I walking to the car

Our plane to LA!

Me in the airport

What up!! We're in LA, baby!!

That weird Alien-looking LAX restaurant

Our sweeeeet hotel room!

More hotel room stuff

At night



Palm tree action

A really big Synagogue near our hotel

Mmm... dinner

A cool X-Wing at Siggraph (for the nerds... us included)

X to the Wing

Talking about "X-things", here are some cool X-Games posters

Me and Alex making scary faces

Matt and my new friends Tracy and Rob from SCAD

Dancin' it up at the Siggraph Chapters party

Awesome pic of Me and Tracy dancin' it up while Matt and Afonso are shaking hands?!

Alex and Afonso looking menacing/friendly

Tracy and I breakin' it down, LA-style

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