Monday, August 08, 2005

Siggraph 2005 - Day 3

Our last day at Siggraph was fun too. Alex and I headed up to Hollywood on the Metro Subway first thing in the morning because we wanted to be touristy for a little while. It was awesome!! We saw the stars on the sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd., went to Mann's Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theatre, and saw the Hollywood Sign from a distance. It rocked.

We then headed back to the Hotel and then back to Siggraph. We covered all the places we missed on Day 2 and ran into John Gross from Alias which was awesome. We also saw Jill and Gordon from Alias and lots of other old co-workers/friends/homeys.

We went to the Emerging Technologies area and it was unbelievable. Microsoft Research had created a touch and rotate screen that was a very similar idea to the screen in the movie "Minority Report." Super cool. There was a neat little musical instrument there that was created by Yamaha in Japan. There was lots of cool research and interesting technologies there so it was very exciting.

In the afternoon, Alex and I grabbed some food quickly before heading off to LAX to catch our flights home. Alex headed back to Toronto from LAX and I headed back to Oakland in the Bay Area.

I am so glad I was able to make it to this huge graphics event, it was SO exciting and motivating to be around so many creative geniuses with such similar interests to me. I loved it. And now for some pictures!

Alex walking on the stars in Hollywood

Haha, awesome

The Hollywood Sign

Alex and I at the Kodak Theatre

Crazily huge structures at the Kodak Theatre

Palm Trees that rock

Robin Williams' hand and footprints at Mann's Chinese Theatre

Tom Hanks is the man

One of the other reasons why I love the film industry...

Yes, Steven Spielberg is awesome

Me at the Pixar booth again with lots of Pixar swag

NVidia booth

Apple booth

Some dude in a Motion Capture suit controlling a real-time rendered Pirate! Cool!

The RenderMan demo side of the Pixar booth

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