Monday, August 08, 2005

China Beach in San Francisco

Last weekend, before Alex and I headed to Siggraph, we had another day to hang out and check out the city. So we went downtown and then headed up to China Town to go to House of Nan King again, man it was sweet. I got Tofu this time and oh baby it was good. Anyway that was awesome and then we took a bus ride to the other side of the city to hang out on China Beach and so we could see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was awesome and now I have a great tour day plan if I have any more friends that would like to see the city! It was really cool and a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge. Good times!

Alex in Union Square

My "Green Tea" with lots of random flowers in it... tasty!!

Alex eating the House of Nan King Sesame Chicken, sweeeet

Me and Crispy Tofu with Peanut Sauce... good times

Leaving for the day

A cute cat

Pensive Mike

Haha, a weird ad we found

Nice houses near China Beach

Haha someone had a crazy security system

Fancy times

Cool beachside houses

China Beach sign


Golden Gate bridge in the distance


The clouds lifted to give us a sweet view of the bridge

Haha!! Not like I could do that anyway... :)

Another really pretty waterfront house

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