Monday, August 15, 2005

Carmel and 17 Mile Drive

Today was another busy day, we went to Carmel and it was sweet. After staying up late last night working on my new website after the Dave Matthews concert, I got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep so I was a little tired this morning!! :) Anyway it was all good and we headed off early to drive to Carmel. We had some nice lunch (I had Veggie Wraps) and then off to the beach to play some frisbee and we checked out an Art Gallery that Matt wanted to see.

We then drove to one of the state parks and went for a nice hike. After the hike we headed to 17 Mile Drive, which is a nice coastal drive around with some fancy golf courses and stuff like that. We checked out some scenery and I got to drive for a bit too, and then we saw a really sweet red Lamborghini Diablo 30th Anniversary Edition car, it was super sweet and it rocked a lot.

We then drove home via an In N' Out Burger (of course) and that was tasty and awesome as expected. Lots of good pics from today too!

Sophie and I in the car in the way to Carmel

Matt and his view of the world through his glasses

Insane caramel apples

Matt and Orion in our lunch place

Matt and I at lunch

Matt and I pretending to have a conversation about something

Cool toy store with a ferris wheel

Cool tree on 17 Mile Drive

Matt and John on the beach

Me on Carmel beach

Orion, Matt, John, Me and Sophie

Matt and Orion with a large tree

Matt pretending to be a mountain lion

Matt yelling something

Me at a waterfall on our hike

Crashing water on 17 Mile Drive

The lone tree, a famous 17 Mile Drive landmark

Another pic of the lone tree

A golf course along the way in the 17 mile drive area

And... a sweeeeeet Lamborghini that we saw parked. Oh man that was sweet!!

Matt and I freakin' out because of the awesome car!!

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