Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sausalito for lunch

On the weekend we went to Sausalito for lunch. It rocked. Sausalito is a very hard word to spell I just decided. I keep typing it an almost writing something else. But alas it is amazing, despite the complexity of its spelling.

Sausalito (there we go, got it right this time) is in Marin County, just North of the Bay and East of Muir Woods. It was gorgeous there. There were tons of awesome houses and it looked like a great area to live. I really liked it.

We went for lunch at this small cafe and I got some coffee and a really good BBQ beef pita thing. Happy times. Also lots of fun to hang out with my friends who I have known all summer (i.e. Matt) and get to meet some of the other Pixar interns that I don't know as well (i.e. John and Lissa.) Rock on. The weather was perfect, once again. :)

Me and Matt looking pretty scary

A crazy dude on a BMX Bike in San Francisco near the Ferry Building

Palm trees near the Ferry Building


Angry face?!


Golden Gate bridge and cool sailboats

Marin County

Awesome houses in Sausalito

And... awesome large windows...

Good times

Ok... after lots of time to decide... I'llll takkkee it!!

Another super amazing house. Man I loved Sausalito!!

Bling bling

Pier in Sausalito, I can't believe people actually live here! Man it rocked.

Matt, Lissa and I hangin' out on someone's sweet sweet Pier

Cool houses right on the water with canoes and kayaks

Yes, they have a spiral staircase. I wannnnnt thaaat!!

Mmm... Ice cream (I had to pay for mine)

Me, John from New Zealand, Matt and Lissa on the boat back to San Francisco

More cool and unique houses in Tiburon

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