Thursday, December 15, 2005

Almost done, excited for everything

Well here's a bit more of a me-style post. I was kinda worked up last night about all those news articles I was reading (see last night's post) but it was good to see that the majority of the world also disagrees with that kind of racial and religious intolerance... yeah that sure was strange to hear stuff like that on the news.

Anyway, happy times lately. Just busy studying for my last Final of the term and then I'll be going home soon, so I am really excited about that. I also heard that the show that I love now "Scrubs" is starting up again in January so that'll be super awesome.

So I am just getting everything sorted out here before I move again and looking forward to seeing some friends during the December break. Hehe I just watched the last episode of the 4th Season of Scrubs to prepare myself for the start of the 5th Season, haha yeah I'm a nerd. :)

Hmm let's see what else. In the December break I am going to install Linux on my laptop, I need that for next school term so I figured I would do it early so my friends can help me install all the Linux packages I need and stuff like that. Sounds like Ubuntu is the one to go for as it is used in class or likely will be the easiest one to set up with all my random new hardware. I just found out who my roommates are in California so that'll be awesome, I know a few of the guys already and they are super cool.

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