Sunday, December 18, 2005

Done and done!! Wahoo!!!!!!

Well I am finally done exams. It is soooo awesome, I can't wait to relax (just in time for some crazy Boxing Day shopping I suppose?!)

This term went pretty well but the workload was quite heavy the entire time. I had a great time and learned a lot, but wow school sure does get tiring. Networking was probably my best class and most interesting class, the Prof was AMAZING and I really feel like I actually understand how the Internet "actually works" now. Very exciting stuff!! We covered so many aspects in such fine detail that I really feel like I learned a lot in that class, so that's pretty sweet.

Fine Arts ROCKED too, I had a super sweet time and made some really awesome new friends too which is always welcome in my world!! This past week has been pretty sweet too as I went to Toronto to see my old buddies Matt and Alex, then dinner, lunch, hangin' out with a whole bunch of old friends and new people, ohhhh man it was awesome. Finally got a chance to hang with my friend Joel from first year who I never get to hang out with, and he is usually the source of recommendation for random indie/emo bands to listen to, so that is always exciting (and I can keep pretending that I am an Emo kid, haha!!) Also got to see my friend Angie who I have known for ages and we chatted about travel plans for when we graduate, Angie is talking about going to Australia which I am sure she would like and I am thinking about Europe for about 3 months, oh man it is going to be magnificent.

Going to hang with Matt tomorrow and get some good food so I am pretty psyched for that.

The Canadian leaders debate was on last night and that was pretty interesting. Still not sure who I am going to vote for but it is basically a choice of one of two parties for me I think.

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