Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lunch at Pixar and a Cell Phone!!

Today was totally sweet, I got some groceries and then went to hang out with Taylor and Jake and lots of my friends from the summer at Pixar. It rocked and it was great to see everyone.

With enough hounding from my American buddies, I think I am going to get a Cell Phone here for the 4 months, especially because some companies here have really good deals compared to Canada, so for a fairly cheap price I can have a Cell Phone for the 4 months I am here which seems to be kinda expected in American culture these days!! Haha seriously it's totally different than Canada, as there are hardly any payphones around comparatively between Canada and the USA... I figure this will be easier and then I won't continually be lost in the city or unreachable since absolutely every friend of mine here has a Cell Phone too!! Very exciting/crazy but I am pretty psyched to get one. Haha I am SO Canadian. :)

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