Saturday, December 24, 2005

Guitar and old friends in London

Good times tonight. I went to my old friend Ans's house and we played guitar and bass for a while which was awesome. We were in a band together in high school soooo long ago so it was awesome to get together and get some tunes going. Good times!!

Our friend Vaishali came over too, we took some awesome photos (as you can see), then Vaishali smashed a Potato Chip on Ans's face and good times were had by all involved. We then went downtown to Tim's house, and he is another high school friend of ours. We saw some old high school people at Tim's like Steve and Chris, man I haven't seen these guys for a few years. Insane!! It was really awesome to catch up with these guys, and then we went to Jim Bob's (a club in London) and we were there for a grand total of about 10 minutes before we left to go to Alex P. Keaton's, a smaller pub in London which has live music and it was grrrreeat. There were at least 10 or 15 people from my high school there and I recognized a bunch of people, it was pretty nuts to see so many old friends and people from a few years ago, everyone seems to be doing well and working hard at University so that's great.

Anyway here are some pics, what a great night!!

Ans playing some Bass

Ans and Vaishali with her new bear

Some good faces

Ans pondering the meaning of the world

Vaishali and I, thug styllles!!

Vaishali and I, pondering the world

Vaishali smashing a Potato Chip in Ans's face

Ans and I jammin' some tunes

Feelin' the musical vibe, haha

Me, Vaishali and Ans hangin' out

Vaishali aiming a huge sword thing at Ans

Vaishali trying to "knight" Ans, but this picture just looks weird

Vaishali, pumpin' gas... yeeeeeahhh.

Ans and Steve at Tim's house

Me and Chris at Tim's house

Me and Steve at Tim's house

Randomly running into Desiree on the street, so a quick photo-op with and old high school friend!!

Ans in a scary "I'll gettt ya if it's the last thing I do" pose

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