Sunday, December 11, 2005

Toronto for the weekend

This weekend was really awesome. I went to Toronto to see my friends Matt and Alex, and did tons of other super exciting stuff. I went to visit everyone at Alias, Matt and I went to my friend Ya'el's house for food on Friday night, then up to Matt's place, then all around Yorkdale Mall, then we met Alex downtown and went to Spring Rolls for dinner, man I love that place. We also went to see Narnia on Saturday. Sunday we met John from Alias and went to Newmarket for Rock Climbing! It was great but I haven't been rock climbing for a while so I am pretty tired. It was great to see my best friends and spend a bunch of time with them this weekend.

Very exciting week ahead, making sure I get to see other buddies here in Waterloo before I head back home soon.

Matt and Alex at Spring Rolls

Matt and his Thai Red Curry

My camera flash is too bright!

Me at Spring Rolls

Matt and John

More cool art

John and his sandwich


Cool spiral stairs


Awesome pic of Matt

Matt at the Climbing Gym


Me on the climbing wall

Me in a sweet climbing pose

Me climbing another wall

Me on the wall

Matt in the chimney climb

Alex in the chimney climb

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