Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just one more assignment left!!

Somehow I had about 6 assignments due, all on the last day of school!! Insane. So I blasted through a whole bunch of those which is sweet cause, well, I have 6 assignments due!!!!! :)

I just started and finished Algorithms tonight which is sweet, it was shorter than expected and this is NP-Completeness Proofs and stuff like that. I like the proofs for "Uncomputability", that's actually pretty crazy stuff. So anyway got that done quickly which is good.

Now I am working on Concurrency with my friend Evan, this last assignment is a huge "Administrator" task project, with multiple administrators, couriers, name servers and so on and so on!! It's pretty big but we got a good start on it today. This is going to be pretty neat as it incorporates pretty much everything we learned in this class, internal and external scheduling together, Coroutines (resume and suspend in Classes), Monitors, termination synchronization, and lots more. So it should be pretty good, I am excited to be done this assignment as this is finally the last assignment of the term!! Sweeeeeeeeeet!!

It's been a pretty busy term, lots of socializing during Frosh Week and then a couple weeks with just light work, then huge assignments, then midterms, then midterms and huge assignments together, then about 5 days of doing absolutely nothing to recover from crazy amounts of work, then the past 3 or 4 weeks has been insane too. Shortly after Midterms the work piled up again so it's been a really busy term. I have learned a lot but I am definitely excited for the term to be done and to get some relaxation time.

Rock Climbing next week in Toronto should be awesome, I'll take photos if I remember to bring my Camera. :)

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