Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chanukkah Day 3

Tonight was awesome, the Logans came over for Chanukkah dinner and so did my Mom's friend Doreen and also my friend Matt. It was super awesome and we had lots of amazing food again and it was a lot of fun!!

After dinner and after everyone left, Matt and I went downstairs for some random programming!! Matt gave me a 1 hour lesson in Perl programming, which was very useful. I wanted to learn this for something so it is useful to get a good introduction to it. I am pretty impressed by all the stuff Perl can do but there are lots of weird syntax things and tons of strange "special variables" that seem to magically get filled with certain useful values at certain useful times!! Haha awesome. I was pretty impressed and you can do some reasonably hard stuff with limited code, so that rocks too. It appears that learning Regular Expressions was very important for Perl as it is common to use a sort of search and replace function on strings and filenames. Very interesting stuff!!

Here are some sweet photos from tonight!!

Matt laughing

Doreen and the Logans

Doreen and Grace

The table setting

More Latkes!!

Mom and Dad

Salmon and grilled vegetables

Matt and I looking crazzzzy

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