Friday, December 16, 2005

Great comments from an Iranian University student

I was looking around for other responses to the recent Anti-Semitic comments in the news and I found a couple of good postings from an Iranian University Student who is now in Montreal. These are very well-written comments and it is really quite wonderful to see how an Iranian student views these issues.
It's very motivating to see that there are many Iranian people such as Kash who also disagree with the Iranian President's Anti-Semitic comments. As a Jew I am thankful for people like Kash who are quick to question the motives behind such harsh political comments and make it known to the world that they also believe these political statements are "unfortunate and hate-mongering comments." Kash, thank you for a great view of this issue from a very tolerant, educated point of view. The world appreciates people like you.

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