Sunday, December 25, 2005

Chanukkah Day 1

Today was totally sweet. As any Jewish person on Christmas Day knows, there is not much to do so the usual activity is to go to a movie because (for some reason) the movie theatres are always open on Christmas Day!!

So we finally went to see Harry Potter and mannnn it was soooo awesome!!!!!! Sweet movie and just totally rocked like the rest of the Harry Potter movies, good times.

Tonight was the first night of Chanukkah so we lit the candles, ate a bunch of food and both gave and received some good presents. My sister gave me a bunch of mini-travel things like gel and toothpaste and such for my trip which is very useful!! I also got a whole lot of candy and chocolate so that is always welcome!!

Anyway lots of cool pics today so here they are!

Norm and Dad

The Scrabble game that Norm and I played, check out my word "Vertical" - I used all 7 letters in one turn!!

Dad reading my art, music and computer science book

Me after just waking up

Sweet presents


Mom and Dad dancing

Me lighting the Chanukkah Candles

More candles

Mom and the Menorahs

Mom and Dad laughing about something

Thomas the cat

Thomas playing with his Chanukkah present, a mouse with catnip in it

More prezzies

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