Thursday, December 08, 2005

Exams and music

Oh good times. I finished 2 of my major exams today and they went pretty well. Now I am still up at 3am again because I am going to Toronto again this weekend and getting to see my friends Matt and Alex and also go rock climbing and eating lots of good food. I can't wait.

Listening to some good tunes, my buddy Joel (I think??!) met the Emo artist "Bright Eyes" and apparently scored me a sweet T-shirt, so I am listening to some of his music, pretty super Emo but seems pretty cool so far. Also listening to The Shins, so I think Zach Braff would be happy with me right now (seems like he really likes that band). Hehe they are awesome, this sound sounds like Simon and Garfunkel... "listen to it, it'll change your life!" Bit of Garden State quote action for you there.

I got my sister's present in the mail today and also a sweet Dave Matthews Band Chord Book I bought, it's Live at Luther College, tabbed out and also the solo guitar part is tabbed out, that is pretty cool.

Anyway that's what's up with me lately. Just working hard over the past few days doing some major studying and now just getting some relaxing time for a few days!! It's going to be super awesome, I gotta check out all the changes to Yorkdale (a sweet mall in Toronto), I heard there are lots of new additions. I want to see Narnia too and I gotta see Harry Potter next week. King Kong is going to be SUPER AWESOME too, can't wait to see how Weta did Dinosaurs and King Kong, it looks pretty fantastic.

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