Thursday, December 29, 2005

Moving to California!

The move today went really well. The flight was a bit delayed and took about an extra 30 min in Toronto, but we traveled pretty quickly and were only about 45 min late into San Francisco. Thankfully Taylor my buddy came to pick me up and got lost on the way so he wasn't waiting for a super long time.

I just got my my apartment and it is AWESOME. Here are lots of pics of my new apartment!!!!!!

Lots more posts soon after I get settled here. Cheers!

T-dawg and his girl at SFO

Crazy pic of us

Me on my new couch

Pensive photo on my new couch

T-dawg on the couch

Dining room table

TV and random DVD player

Sweet lounge pictures

Haha the kitchen is perfectly set up again!!


New dishes

Brand new pots and pans

Brand new dishes

Perfectly stacked glasses!! This is amazing!!!!!

My bedroom

My dresser

Balcony outside

My sink area

Near sink area, our bathroom and walk-in closet!!

Walk-in closet

Huge Bathtub!!

Lounge photo

The other bedroom

The other bathroom

Balcony photo, it is awesome

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