Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lunch with Pete Docter, director of Monsters, Inc.

Today was totally nuts. We all had lunch with Pete Docter today, the Director of my favourite Pixar movie and my favourite film of all time... Monsters, Inc. It was awesome!!!!!!

He told us lots of cool details about what Monsters was going to be like before the story was finalized, and gave us a lot of interesting views into his opinions of the world of animation, and ideas about expressions and characters and the importance of storytelling. It was really amazing and he is a really nice guy and amazingly insightful.

I told him that Monsters is my favourite movie of all time and I have watched it 8 billion times and it's my favourite and I have convinced all of my friends that it should be their favourite movie too. :) It was really cool to meet him and it was pretty insanely fantastic to meet the Director of my absolute favourite movie. AWESOME!!

Hehe so as you can imagine today was great. I also worked on some crazy projects today which worked out well, I ran into something pretty tough today in Maya and spent a while getting it figured out but it all worked out really nicely. I finished one of the major tools I have been working on for a while so that is a great feeling to get that done. Also wrapping up some other things this week and it is all going nicely. After work today a bunch of us played some sweeeeet Badminton and it was intense, we played for about 2 hours again and it was excellent and lots of good exercise of course. :)

I think my buddy Matt is coming here on Sunday so we are hopefully going to hang out for a bit, that'll be great.

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Cyber Ann said...

Monsters, Inc. is my favorite movie, too and I ALWAYS cry...EVERYTIME! (And I'm NOT a crier!) I would love to meet Pete. Thanks for sharing.