Sunday, April 30, 2006

Moved into my new apartment

Sweet!!!!!! I am finnnnaaaaaaaaally living with my friend Matt who I have known for a good 15 years, so that ROCKS. I am also living with another Matt, who (don't worry if you get confused) also went to school with the first Matt. And my name is Mike. So three "M" names over here, haha at least my name isn't Matt too eh?!!! Good timmmmeeeeeees!!!!!!!!

We watched like 8 Simpsons episodes already. My sister came over today and made me lunch and that totally rocked. Now I am listening to Green Day and unpacking and sorting out a few more things before the new Simpsons episode tonight. Sweeeet.

Hehe so my room is a very awesome mix of random Alias swag, sweeet sweeet Pixar stuff and Dave Matthews/Simpsons goodness. I have loved all of this stuff for a long time, and as you can see from the pictures I still most certainly do. Glad to see there are some constants in the world, right?!

Well my unpacked boxes call. We moved Thursday, unpacked and bought groceries Friday, unpacked and bought a DVD player Saturday and now I have to unpack and get my room ready to go. School starts tomorrow!!!!!! Oh man the life of a Waterloo Co-op student... always nuts.

Well off to unpack more stuff. Can't wait to see you Waterloo kids soon. To my California posse... word!!! See you guys in August!!

Most of my stuff moved into my room

Haha, yes there is a toilet in the middle of the laundry room

About 1/5th of my stuff, yes I have too much junk!!

My new desk and posters ready to go

Bookshelf and DVDs

Sweet Pixar and Green Day posters

And of course some Dave Matthews and more Pixar posters

Matt and Adrienne

Me in my new room!!

Yeeah Dave Matthews poster!!

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Freesia P (section 2) said...

COME BACK TO PIXAR!!! I finally have some time to do lunch.
Do you know about the new Pixar podcasts on Itunes... all I can say is that they are fierce.