Wednesday, May 24, 2006

3D Pop Can modeling for Fine Arts

Things are coming along well for my Fine Arts course. This afternoon and evening I spent a bunch of time modeling a Pop Can and then playing with some shaders and doing some lighting tests and checking to see how refraction looks through these glass shaders.

We had a JSA Exec Meeting today too which was sweet, I am the "Communications Liason" this term which is a sweet title, basically it means I send the emails for the upcoming events and therefore I will have to add lots of ridiculousness to the emails as you might expect.

Fixed the tall Beer glass - the new one is on the right. Fixed base, made inner part of cup flatter (the one on the left doesn't make any sense), widened the top of the glass to better match what a real glass looks like.

Fixed one on the left this time for lighting tests

Lighting tests with other random glass shaders, I don't think I am going to use any of these

Another shader test, the left one is a Phong glass shader that I thought I didn't like, but it is MUCH better, as it actually reflects the lighting in the scene well. The glass on the right comes with it's own reflection map, so it won't make sense in my scene with my own lighting.

My Pop Can!! Spent some of the afternoon and this evening on it. I spent a good 2 hours on the Pop Can tab. :)

Testing out Refraction through the glass shader

Lighting test with Phong glass shader - it looks sweet!!

Testing Aluminum shader and Red Aluminum shader - the red one is weird

Aluminum shader - I am going to need a smoother one than this.

Testing double refraction

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