Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cars on MySpace, and more Graphics awesomeness

Sweeeet Cars toys!

Today was sweet, I worked on Graphics all day and I got a LOT of it done, which rocks. I did the viewport transformations, so I can now rotate and translate world coordinates (as well as the local model coordinates of the cube) so that rocks. I also finished the part of the assignment where we allow the user to redraw the size of the viewport window, and the cube is scaled and translated correctly to match the viewport size. This is a normalized device coordinate transformation, and it was pretty cool to learn about this today too.

This assignment is going pretty sweet, tomorrow if I have a chance I am going to try to take care of the parallel projection transformation, as Matt said this was pretty tough so I am going to spend some time reading the textbook again and trying to understand what the transformation actually does too. Sweet.

Also, I just saw a new Cars trailer on MySpace!! Check it out here: it is awesome!! There is a new trailer there which shows lots of the great scenes in the movie... it's such an awesome movie and this trailer is fantastic. Check out the waterfall when Sally drives by it on a bridge... this will most likely make you fall out of your chair. It's my favourite part in the movie, and I dare say it looks better than any CG you will have ever seen. :)

Oh yes in other news, I now a proud owner of ALL of the Cars Die-Cast toys!! Wahoo! My Mom is buying me them for my birthday, but they only had a few at Toys R Us, and I had to go fierce on Ebay to find the rest of them. had the Cars "Movie Moments" packs, which are multiple cars in one package, and for the most part these are the secondary characters in the movie. Super awesome. Hehe it's kinda funny, my parents said I never liked to play with cars or trains or that sort of toy when I was younger, but now... oh MAN these are AWESOME!!! :) Check out this picture, these are pretty much all of them except I think Sarge is missing from this photo. These are totally sweet. I'm not allowed to open them until my birthday, but as you can imagine I am REALLY excited about them. (hehe yes and in case you were wondering, the fact that I am turning 24 next week in no way reduces my excitement for toys that rock THIS much) :) Oh happy days!!

I hung out with Matt a bunch this evening, we talked about Graphics a lot and I am really learning this stuff well I think. There are a lot of details to learn, but I think the textbook is pretty decent. We also watched Monsters, Inc. Matt had only seen it once so he wanted to check it out again. Ahhh I love that movie.

Should be a great weekend, off to the bagel store tomorrow so that should be tasty.

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Freesia P (section 2) said...

JUNE 9th!!!! I have the Cars trailer on myMyspace too, come by and say Hi!

Miss you xoxo