Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Working on shading for Fine Arts

Tonight I worked on putting together my first major scene for Fine Arts this term. It is going decently well, I've finally found something that works for the Pop Can, and the glasses are looking good and will look better once I have the lighting figured out.

I have some possible ideas for the wall texture, but the wood table I haven't managed to find anything decent yet, I might just take photos of real tables and map those images onto this table.

Anyway it's going pretty well but I gotta get to bed now cause I am going to go meet my Graphics Prof tomorrow morning to discuss my Project.

First test in new environment

Fixed pop can tab, made a table

Added walls to environment

Raytraced Shadows look pretty sweet

Whooa crazy shader here

Chrome shader looks good

Chrome shader on top and bottom of Pop Can, Red metal shader for rest of can

Green metal

Nice blue colour and test of wall shader

Nicer wall shader

Possible wood shader

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