Sunday, May 07, 2006

Stir Fry and Bubble Tea goodness

Last night was fantastic. The fabulous 3, Em, Ange and Kate called me with a "What are you doing in 2 hours" phone call and I knew I was certainly in store for an awesome evening with awesome friends/homeys. Good times!!

We went to Mongolian and got some sweeeeeet stir fry action and then we went for some Bubble Tea. I tried a few of the different Bubble Teas that everyone got but I actually got a normal Hot Tea, it was a Belgian Chocolate Rooibos and it was AWESOME!! I have definitely got to go back to that Bubble Tea place soon. :)

After this we went to Molly Blooms, for some more chillin' and some good live music. Alltogether, dare I say... marvelous evening. I got to meet some great new Dons too (I think "Dons" are called "RAs" at other Universities) and they were ALL awesome as you might expect.

It was such a great surprise to see the famed Em, Ange and Kate and everyone else was really nice too. This makes me miss these people even more now that they have graduated and also makes me wish I was a Don at Waterloo cause everyone rocks so freakin' much.

Chllin' at Mongolian

Me and Angie

Haha great one of Emily

My new Don homeys

"You're cool like CLT's Em, Ange and Kate!"

Bubble Tea Kate's cool new Tattoo

Uhhh... what's the deal with our Adult-oriented Scrabble game??!

Em and Steph

Another good one of me and Ange

Haha randomness

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