Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Maya Independent Study class, here we come!!

Tonight I finally got a lot of work started for my Fine Arts Independent Study class this term.

I am going to be focusing on Indoor environments - and in particular, trying to capture beauty and get a good reaction from the viewer. My intention is to show the beauty of everyday life through my work in this 3D independent study class. Think about regular household items, junk sitting around the apartment... this stuff is never really beautiful at all. It's more often just left out on the counter or on the living room table, sitting there, waiting for one of the roommates to put it away.

In the messy, crazy, constant pigsty that is shared student apartment living, there are still a lot of special moments. And even though I move to in a new apartment every 4 months during my 5-year Co-op degree, I still need to make my space my own. Each of these places are different, often in different cities, and sometimes in different countries too! But the fact still remains that these 4-month homes are just that - home. I must make a temporary new environment for myself, which lasts for the 4-months of a school or work term, and then it's on to another place.

I thought this idea would be interesting to study in a 3D artistic manner. I guess it's kinda my way of slowing down to stop and smell the roses for a moment, by looking around at things that I see every day in more detail.

Here are a few reference images I found of wine glasses, my first Maya scene rendered out with the few things I threw together tonight, and finally a couple of Photographs I took last term, which will be the inspiration for some of my work this term.

Tall thin wine glass, I didn't copy this exactly, but close enough

Those cool thin Beer glasses

The thin tall Beer glass after it has been drinking beer for a few years

The 3D scene I started tonight!

Photograph I am going to eventually try to imitate

Mojito photo I am also going to try to imitate in 3D

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