Monday, May 29, 2006

My 24th Birthday

On Sunday it was my 24th Birthday! I had a really awesome time this weekend doing tons of fun and exciting stuff.

On Friday, I went to dance all night at REV, a hip hop club in Kitchener. It ROCKED!!! Lots of awesome people showed up, awesome friends and super amazing VOC frosh leading friends too. So that rocked.

Saturday night we went to see X-Men 3 which was cool followed by some Tea.

Sunday my family and I went out for breakfast, then I showed my Dad some of my recent Graphics work, then we went to Norm's house to open presents. Then we went to Grace and Harry's house, had some coffee and then went out for a Picnic!! It was really fancy and awesome. In the evening I met Heev, Kim and Matt and we went to Mongolian which was amazing and everyone was really nice and even got me a Mango Colada too!! Hehe good times. After that, Heev and I went to the Tea place and met Yung and Jeremy and chatted for 3 or 4 hours while drinking 4 or 5 pots of Rooibos Tea.

It was a fantastic birthday and there are lots of great pictures. I got all the Cars toys, a Mack Truck from Heev, a random watermelon from Mom, lots of other Cars stuff, and Tea and a Bubble Gum machine from Norm. Good times!!

Norm and Dad at breakfast

Birthday boy (me) with Mom and Dad at breakfast

My presents!!!!

Totally sweet Cars Mack Truck from Matt

Another awesome Cars poster!

All the Cars toys

My Mom also bought me a random watermelon for some reason, hehe looks tasty though!

Excited about Belgian Chocolate Rooibos Tea that Norm bought me

Yes!! Norm got me an awwwweessome Bubble Gum machine!


Harry, Dad, Norm, Grace and Mom setting up the Picnic

Fancy picnic

I'm 24!!!!!!

Another one of me

On the picnic

Dad laughing about something

Me, Mom and Grace

My strawberry shortcake and balloons

Trying to blow out the candles before the wind blows them out!

Heev at Mongolian Grill

Kim in the middle of eating dinner, haha

Matt happy about the sweet sweeeet Mongolian Grill vibe

Me, Heev, Yung and Jeremy at the Tea place

My new Cars sheets and pillowcase, yes it is totally awesome

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