Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our apartment, and random weekend activities

This weekend was great, as you can see from my previous post I had an AWESOME time on Friday night with the famous Em, Ange and Kate!! :) It was really nice to see those girls and they are all going on to do big and important things. You guys are awesome!!!

Saturday I went to hang out with my Sister for the day, and worked on her computer a lot. Her computer is about 4 years old and it's not bad (a P4 1.8 Ghz) so it's alright, but it was running sooooo slowly and there was so much junk and unused software and spyware on it that I figured it needed an entire re-installation of Windows. So I spent quite a while on that on Saturday night, copying her files to my external Hard Drive. Saturday night Norm and her friend Joe and I went out for dinner at Swiss Chalet, and it was fantastic as always. I looooove that place. After that everyone went home and I went off to my old friend Kristen's house and hung out with Kristen and her friend Kathy. It was cool and I haven't seen them in a while so that was nice to catch up on everyone's news.

Sunday I went back to Norm's house and fixed her computer and re-installed Windows and got her all the new updates, and then re-installed only the software she is going to use. Her bootup time for her machine has gone from like 4 minutes to maybe 20 seconds!! Awesome. It is really looking a lot better now and I think she is going to really like it. She was running 640x480 resolution on a 15 inch Monitor which is pretty rough!! So I fixed that and now I think she is running something like 760x1024 or something like that and it's much better. Her bootup time is much better now too and I copied back all the stuff from my external Hard Drive to her computer. Sweet. Tonight Norm and I actually got Swiss Chalet again but delivery this time and it was awesome. It was great to have food right there after working on the computer for the afternoon and evening, that was nice. Norm and I watched the new Simpsons and then I headed home to do my laundry.

Matt and Matt were back here when I got home, and had been at the Computer Lab this evening. They have been working hard already on their super hard course and I think they accomplished a lot tonight it sounds like, so that's great.

I just finished my introductory Graphics assignment, where we had to learn the gtkmm GUI library and also had to use the GnomeCanvas library. Pretty interesting first little assignment and it's basically just to get us going for the next one which is an OpenGL Tetris Game and that should be awesome!!!!!

So this weekend, I got my first assignment compiling on my own Linux machine, finished it, completely fixed Norm's computer, hung out with friends and awesome homeys on Friday and then hung out with friends again on Saturday, AND did my laundry! I'd say it's a pretty successful weekend, if you ask me. :) I even got some guitar playing in, I learned how to play a Joshua Radin song (and man that guy is a good musician)

I stole all the pictures of our apartment and me playing "Google basketball" in our house from Matt's blog so here they are.

Me playing Google basketball in Matt's room

Nothin' but net

Posing for another shot

Matt Philiops

The hallway to my room

The lounge

Me in the kitchen with my sweet shirt (thanks California roommates!!)

My awesome room

The bathroom

The laundry room and my laundry

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