Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy busy busy already!!

Well things were super busy again today. Yesterday I got my Fine Arts courses sorted out which is fantastic and will be really beneficial this term I am sure of it!!

Today there were a bazillion things going on again, and then I got home this afternoon and started on my Graphics Assignment #1. And yes, Graphics is AWESOME!! This is our second assignment, but this is the first one that we get marks for. It is basically an assignment to learn OpenGL which is great, because surprisingly I have not done much OpenGL in the past, so it is about time I learned it. I think the majority of my past OpenGL experience is the pretty purple and green semi-transparent planes on the manipulator for the Maya Polygon Automatic Mapping tool that I wrote for Maya 7. :)

So this assignment has gone very well already, I went from starting this afternoon to drawing 3D squares in "wireframe" and flat-shaded (GL_QUADS) mode, learning the Push and Pop Matrix commands, doing some Matrix transformations, using GL Lights, and then attaching Mouse push and drag commands in gtkmm (a UI library) to allow the user to use the mouse to rotate the items and scale them in the viewport. This is going very well so far!! The goal of the assignment is to attach this graphical UI I am creating to a Tetris Game that has been written already. Essentially I am just doing all the GUI and OpenGL code for a Tetris Game, where the Game code itself has already been written. Pretty sweet!!

So this is going very well and my roommates Matt and Matt are AWESOME and super helpful and (did I mention this already?!) SUPER AWESOME!!!! :) I have wanted to live with CS people for a while, especially smart/nice/kind/awesome CS people who are in the same classes as me or have taken the classes already. This is going to work out very well because if I need help with small specifics or want to discuss the options for my RayTracer later on this term, Matt and Matt are soooooooooooooo helpful and they are both insanely smart which rocks too. Matt (aka Heev) gave me some excellent advice tonight for my RayTracer project, and I think it is going to be really fun and a ton of work, but really interesting/exciting/important to do. So I am pretty psyched for all the stuff I am going to be doing in this class!!

Anyway it's 3am and I have another busy day again tomorrow. :)

Did I mention that this term is going to be really fun?! :)

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