Sunday, May 14, 2006

Were-Rabbits and Scholarships

Whoa, I finally saw Wallace and Gromit's "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" tonight! I can't believe I hadn't seen it yet, since man I sure do love Wallace and Gromit and their awesomeness.

Anyway, it was amazingly fantastic. There are so many little details, little funny catch phrases, very sneaky double-entendres, and so on. It was really reaaaaaaaally well done, and once again Aardman (the studio that did Wallace and Gromit) is totally genius. I dare say that I liked this one better than some of their previous movies/shorts, definitely I thought it was even more ingenious than Chicken Run, and that was pretty cool too. I was really impressed and it once again goes to show you that if the story is good, and the writing is clever... Animation (in any medium) is probably the greatest thing in the world. :)

Today I got up super late cause Matt and I were out with Yung, Jeremy and Nick last night. Matt hadn't met them before and he thought they were totally awesome, so it was a great time. We sat and drank Tea together and chatted for a good 3 hours. It was AWESOME.

So yes today I got up late, did my laundry, went grocery shopping, and didn't do much other useful stuff until this evening.

I decided that I was going to write my application letters for a few different scholarships and naturally I am wasting time on Facebook, MySpace and Blogging instead of actually doing this. :) Hehe just kidding, I am taking a break for a bit and then I am going to get back to it, I'd like to finish these tonight since I am going to have a bunch of other work to do next week.

So yes a good, relaxing day, but didn't get much done, so I better finish these scholarship letters now so at least that is done!!

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