Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cold house, and DPI setting makes Maya go crazy

Two random things I thought I'd mention for no particular reason.

It's been reeaaaaaally hot these past few days, about 26-30 degrees and with Humidex it's been almost 40 (which for my American homeys in the crowd, that's like 100) Insane!! So it's been reaaaaaaaally warm. BUT!! Our house is freeeeeezing!!

Note that my roommates Matt and Matt are also both blown away by how cold our apartment is. To quote Matt Lausch:
"Our Waterloo apartment is nice (as I mentioned before) and I appreciate the fact that the air conditioning allows me to sit at my desk and type without sweating (last summer term was HOT). But, we're in the basement and as far as we can tell the air conditioning is ALWAYS on. We all wear sweaters, jeans and socks when we're home and it's over 30 degrees Celcius outside! It's just not right when I have to remove extra clothing to go outside."
Hehe well said. I am wearing a Hoodie and long Pyjama pants, and The Weather Network says it's 27 Celcius outside and "feels like" 35 Celcius. In here it "feels like" -10 Celcius, haha. :)

Also random thing I thought I'd mention, I found a Maya bug today. Looks like if you're system's display settings have a DPI larger that "normal" small fonts (in Control Panel -> Display -> Advanced -> General), then lots of the MEL Menus and options in the Attribute Editor in Maya don't show up!! This is very confusing as I thought this would have been due to an incorrect Script path or missing MEL Scripts but aparantely this is the fix. Weird eh? Anyway hopefully someone knows about this and can fix it (or hehe maybe I should ask Matt to fix it) :)

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