Thursday, August 03, 2006

And another term done

It's 2:38am on Friday morning and I am sitting at my desk, full of Kraft Dinner and having just watched a whole DVD disc of Chappelle's Show Season 2 and a Simpsons episode, and I couldn't be happier. I am DONE SCHOOL FOR THE TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I wrote my exam for Mathematical Logic and it was pretty good. It went really well I think and I think I definitely have some mid 80's and definitely at least a 90 something or two this term. That rocks. I think this is going to be my highest average yet!! Weird eh??!?! Hehe I guess 4th year is when you starting doing stuff you really love and that's when school becomes awesome. Anyway I had a great term and I think my marks are going to be way better than usual which is a nice bonus. Good times!!!!

So I am going up to my buddy Alex's cottage for several days of doing absolutely nothin'. Matt and I are totally psyched to just go up and hang out and actually have a real summer for a bit, with the outside-ness and walking around and swimming and going pretty fierce on the "not doing stuff" agenda. This is going to roooooooooooooocccccccck. What a crazy term. I loved it, but man I have been looking forward to this vacation and ohhh baby it is going to be sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! Haha so yeah good timmmes.

Next week I gotta just do some random stuff like pack up the junk in my room and throw out and recycle a bunch of stuff, so that should be pretty chill. I kinda "need" to bust out a bunch of guitar playing and some Dave Matthews listening and such. Seems appropriate!!

Ohhh man so it sure is sweet to be done the term. Only one more school term next Winter and then I am totally done my Undergrad which is even crazier. Matt and Matt, as of today, are both done their Undergrads so that is pretty nuts and awesome.

Sweet sweet awesome summer relaxing comin' right up. I'll post a whole bunch of sweet cottage photos next week.

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