Tuesday, August 22, 2006

San Francisco Day 4

Today my sister and I went back to the Ferry Building in San Francisco and then up to the Alcatraz tour boat which took us to Alcatraz Island. That was really cool and we toured around the island quite a lot and learned about all of the escape attempts from the jail. Then we went back to San Francisco and walked through North Beach to a garlic restaurant, The Stinking Rose, for lunch. It was really good and really garlicy. We had some roasted garlic, some freshly baked focassia rolls and arugula pesto and tomatoes on Pasta. It rooooccckkked.

Then we went to Telegraph Hill and walked up to Coit Tower. The elevator and stairs were closed at Coit Tower, but we got an nice view from there anyway. After this we went to Chinatown and checked out the first ever Fortune Cookie factory, which was very small but cool. Then we walked back through Chinatown to Union Square, and came back home. It was another fun day and tons of walking!!

Norm at the Ferry building

Me at the Ferry building

Mmm... cheese

Sweet sourdough and coffee action


A bird

Cool gate at the Ferry building

Me on a San Francisco Pier

Cool bridge picture


On the boar to Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island


Old living quarters for the guards

Our cool tour guide

Me at the water tower

Water tower

Random stairs

Walkway to the Cell Block

Me outside the Cell Block

Spiral stairs

Crazy lock at Alcatraz


A typical cell

Al Capone's Cell

Hole for a rifle

Hallway at Alcatraz

Metal Detector

Menu for Alcatraz inmates

Exercise yard


View of San Francisco from Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz from the boat

Hangin' in North Beach

Weird street name

Walking around in North Beach

Cool streets

Nice houses

Coit Tower steps

Coit Tower

Ammmaaaazzziing apartments on Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill, yes we saw some Parrots!!

Funny drinking fountain for adults, kids and pets!

City picture


Cool tree

More awesome houses


Awesome apartment

Fortune Cookie making factory, this is where fortune cookies were invented!!

Rockin' at Coit Tower

Paintings at Coit Tower 1

Paintings at Coit Tower 2

Paintings at Coit Tower 3

I am amazed that these cars don't just roll over!!

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Heather said...

Hey, I found your blog!
And you met Ranger John!
I love Ranger John!
He's the best. He helped me out BIG TIME on a school project I did on ALcatraz- he even let me take a picture of his official ranger tattoo.

Anyway, come check out my blog sometime and I hope you don't mind if I add you to my links section.