Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in California!!


Well folks I am back in sweet super awesome amazing legendary Emeryville, California!! Yeeeehhhaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty funny, I am actually sitting at my old desk in the same apartment I was in last work term! I am going to be staying here for a little bit while my sister is visiting and then moving to a different apartment at the end of next week. Awesome times.

This was definitely quite a long day, as all travel days are. We got some breakfast this morning in Waterloo and then bussed to Toronto, and we were a good 6 hours early for the flight. Hehe in true Jutan style, we arrived so darn early for the flight that we could have actually switched to another flight that was 2 hours earlier and still have 3 hours to sit around in the waiting area. Haha, so that was pretty funny but I had my Laptop and tons of emails to send and Mp3 tags to sort out and Simpsons to watch, so it was all good. :)

My sister and I got to San Francisco this evening and then jumped onto a van and just arrived in Emeryville at the apartment about an hour ago. I set up my Laptop and got the internet rockin' of course and now I am pretty tired so I am planning on going to bed soon.

This term is going to be so totally amazing, I can't wait. It is going to be fantastic to see all my old friends too... this is going to roooccck.

Well I am super tired... so off to bed. Lots of posts with photos soon. California rocks the house.

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