Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long weekend at the Cottage

This long weekend we went to Alex's Cottage on Christian Island, near Thunder Beach and Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay. Yes it was totally super awesome.

The plan for the weekend was: swimming, doing nothing, playing cards, talking about stuff, getting my computer to render 3200x2400 pixel high-quality versions of my Fine Arts images over the whole weekend, chillin', trying out a Ski-Doo and getting a (mild) sunburn. I can safely say that the weekend was a complete success!! :) We even got to try out Alex's new underwater digital camera, so we took some cool and crazy photos on the beach and in the water. Awesome times!!

It was fantastic to actually have a real summer experience, outdoor fun and sunshine etc. I have had a great term at school this summer but I have definitely been inside programming my Raytracer every single day for the past month, followed by my Final Exams, so it sure was great to get some time away from all of this stuff.

Matt and Alex chillin' in St. Jacobs

Haha, don't kiss anyone in this town, or you could get Mono

Matt, Ryan, Dave and Chris


Hangin' before the Ferry left the mainland

Haha, Matt making a weird face

Random pile of smushed cars?!?!


On the docks

Strutting on the docks


Me rockin' some fierce hammock action

Matt and Chris on the trampoline


Mmm... food

Dinner time

Me laughing at Matt

Good times

Getting some corn on the cob

At the beach

Ryan in the lake

Alex reaching for the camera

Me underwater

Chillin' on the beach

The deck at Alex's cottage

Playing Michican Rummy


The best photo ever

Hangin' out

More chillin'

Alex chasing his brother

Alex spashing the camera

Me underwater

Heev in the water

Dave on the floaty thing

Me trying to float on the floaty thing

Me causing a fire

Making some burgers

Setting up for dinner

The view from Alex's cottage

Me jumping at the camera

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