Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Website and resume updated

Hey there homeys. What an awesome feeling to be done the school term and finally get to hang out with the Jutan Clan (aka my family) for a bit. They are awesome and I love coming home to hang out, even if it's just a quick visit before my next work term.

Tonight I wasted a whole bunch of time on YouTube, watching trailers for Borat, a movie by this super crazy British comedian named Sacha Baron Cohen (I checked and Baron is an englishified version of the hebrew word "Baruch" which means "Blessed", hehe so if you didn't know that Sacha Baron Cohen was definitely one of my Jew-Crew brethren with a last name like Cohen, then the meaning of Baron should make it pretty obvious.) :)

So after wasting some time on YouTube and watching some super random/cool video blogs, I figured I'd better get something real done tonight. So I reinstalled Adobe Acrobat, updated my resume with the new awards I won and volunteering and so on that I did this term, made a PDF file and posted it to my website. So if you're interested, please check out my website at:

And as Borat would say, "I hope you lliiiikkke! It's niiiiicccccccce!"

Peace and love to my homeys. And may your day be infused with plenty of gloriously awesome Dave Matthews Band tracks.

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