Monday, August 21, 2006

San Francisco Day 1

Norma (my Sister) and I are touring around San Francisco and area for about a week and a half while my sister is here on vacation.

Saturday was sweet and totally nuts and full of trekking across the city. We went to the Ferry Building and got some really awesome triple cream brie (sweet) and some random "Lamb's Milk Cheese" from Spain?! It was good stuff.

We then walked all the way to Ghirardelli Square and rocked out there for a bit, and then walked up a really hilly street to Lombard Street ("The crookedest street in the world") and then hopped on a streetcar and leaned out of it as it drove us back to Union Square. Finally, we walked around in Chinatown a bit, said Hi to the cashiers at the Paul Frank store who remembered me and went to dinner at House of Nan King with Matt. It rocked.

We then went back to Matt's house in Twin Peaks and then I met his brother who rocked the house. Then we dropped Norm at home because she was tired and Matt and I went to Jupiter in Berkeley to hang with his brother and his brother's friend. Good times!!

Norm and I

Cheese store in the Ferry Building

Bird at Ferry Building

Chatting on my American Cell Phone, wahoo!!


Sweet palm tree action

Rockin' at the Sourdough Bread Factory


Haha these lobsters *are* kosher...

Bread flying around in baskets

Mmm... bread


This bear is *NOT* foolin' around...

Me with this scary looking bear

Walking up Hyde Street!!

Cars going down Lombard Street


Cool Biodiesel catamaran boat thing we saw

Sweet Alligator sourdough


U.S.A.!! Haha yes, this is a piece of cheesecake on a stick, beside a brownie on a stick, beside a banana on a stick, all dipped in chocolate!

Weird wax figures



Norm with one of the fortune teller things from "Big"

The Cannery district

Weird face

Mmm.. tasty

Cool side street

Awesome apartment

Cable car

More cable car

Lombard Street and a view of the city

Me and Norm again

Nice house

Another pic of awesome house

And of course the usual House of Nan King!!


At Mattabet's house

The famed younger Parrott brother, Johnathan Ernest!! Good times!!

Cool Yahoo sign on the freeway

U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!

Matt at Jupiter in Berkeley

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