Thursday, August 31, 2006

First week at work

It's been a few days since I posted so I thought I'd write a little update as to what I've been doing this week. It was my first week back at Pixar and it was totally super amazing as expected. I am working in a different position this term, I am a Technical Director Intern on the Sets team for an upcoming Pixar feature film! It is very exciting and I am really enjoying it. As usual I cannot discuss the specific details of my work, but I have been getting a chance to do some more artistic 3D work than what I have been doing in the past, so that is really neat and a much different kind of work to what I usually do. It rocks the house and I am loving it. I am really looking forward to pointing up at something on the screen and saying "I made that!" :) Awesome.

Just chillin' tonight at home again, my roommates are fantastic and we are probably going to hang out with the other interns this weekend too. I want to see the movie Little Miss Sunshine, it looks pretty good and the reviews seem to be awesome, plus those more indie-style Fox Searchlight movies usually tend to be pretty good. On the total other end of the movie scene, I still want to see Snakes on a Plane, I haven't had a chance to see it yet and most of the guys here have already seen it.

Well it's only 11:50pm but I am off to bed as I have been this week. It's been a much different schedule than I usually do, this week I have been at work around 8:45am and in bed by like 11:30pm every night! Haha crazyness!! Anyway that is pretty sweet but alas I am tired now so I'm off to bed. My buddy Jake at work made fun of me for always giving too many details in my blog so I figure the extra random details about my sleep schedule are as expected. :)

I just talked to my friend Alex from Canada tonight, sounds like he is doing well back in Toronto at his new place, and Matt sounds like he is settled into his new place well too. I miss having Norm here visiting cause that was really fun but I think we fit in pretty much all the activities we wanted so that was good.

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