Thursday, August 24, 2006

San Francisco Day 5

Today my sister and I went to Haight Ashbury and then to the Golden Gate Park area. It was really awesome and we did tons of walking again today. It was really nice in the park today and the weather was very sunny until the late afternoon when it got a little cloudy. We got some nice pictures of the houses and the weird stores in Haight Ashbury, which used to big the major hippie location in the late 60's when the Hippie crowd flocked to San Francisco. Awesome history and good times.

Cool house in the Haight

Sweet awesomeness

Haight and Ashbury, whhatt upp!!!

Haha this is hilarious

Awesome potatoes for lunch

Crepe for lunch

Flower garden in Golden Gate Park

Awesome palm trees

Hilarious sign

Me in the Shakespeare Garden 1

Me in the Shakespeare Garden 2

Me in the Shakespeare Garden 3

Japanese Tea Garden

Water in the Japanese Tea Garden

Cool round bridge thing


Nice water at other end of park

Funny seagull

Me holding a "Pluot"... "What is a Pluot??!" "Uh... a cross between a Plum and an Apricot... obviously!!!"

Cool shirts in the Haight

The Red Victorian, I think Bob Dylan used to hang out here


Cool walkway

Nice tree and flowers in the park

Good times

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