Thursday, August 10, 2006

Awesome hat and website stuff

A whole bunch of random stuff is going on, I just finished school for the term and finalized my Fine Arts class and that is all groovy.

Tonight I was going to play guitar but instead I was super lazy and watched 3 episodes of the Simpsons and then other random stuff on TV. Sure is sweet to be done the term!!

More importantly, check out this hat!!

"Chai Maintenance" haha brilliant. I can't say that I am a high maintenance kind of guy, much more the opposite, but this hat is still totally hilarious anyway. I should probably buy it.

Ok cool so what else is up, let's see, oh yeah my website is down for a few days while I move it over to a new server. I had it hosted at this place in Texas somewhere, it was pretty decent but it went down more than I liked and I think I'd prefer to have my site hosted at the same place that hosts my domain, it's a bit easier that way so I am going to get that sorted out soon. Also I should probably post my new Fine Arts stuff on my website and stuff, and probably re-design it a bit, but I'm not sure when I'll have time for that. I guess I should probably do that soonish and also I need to update my resume.

I went out for Indian Food tonight and it was awesome as expected. Going to hang out with my old roomies tomorrow night and I am definitely looking forward to that as I haven't seen them in a while. I sold a whole bunch of my stuff here (bed, fridge, etc) so that is great and the girl who bought all my stuff is coming to pick it up on Saturday, that is great news and it's fantastic to sell these things so I don't need to keep them since I am going to be in residence next term.

Well that's about it. Looks like in terms of my Fine Arts marks so far, I have beaten my highest mark in University this term for sure. I think I might even have a few 90's. I am soooooooooo happy about this - that rocks and finally I am getting back to my high-school mark kinda ways. :) Hehe I guess now that I am in 4th year I am actually getting to do cool stuff that I really care about, and not random uber-theoretical and mostly-useless Computer Science proofs like in some of my classes over the past 2 terms. Good times!!!!!!!!!!

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