Saturday, August 26, 2006

San Francisco Day 6

A couple of days ago, Norm and I went to San Francisco again and walked along Baker Beach after hanging out for a bit in Chinatown and getting some Sushi from a Sushi Boat restaurant, which was hilarious and awesome. We also saw a nice cat sitting on a bench for no particular reason, and I asked the people who were sitting next to the cat if he was theirs... "No, he was just sitting here", they said. So this random cat was just rockin' out in Chinatown, and I figured he needed to be photographed.

Random cat sitting on a bench beside some people in Chinatown

Sushi Boats!!

Bird on the beach

The beach houses


Golden Gate Bridge

Sweeeeeeet house

The house that Norm wants

Another pic of the house that Norm wants

Another pic on the beach

Stairs up to the street

Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

Me wearing a hat shaped like a dolphin

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