Monday, August 21, 2006

San Francisco Day 3

Today we went up to Fairfield, California and went to the Jelly Belly company tour. It was amazing to see how the Jelly Beans are created and also we got tons of free tastes. For lunch, Norm got a jelly bean-shaped hamburger and I got a jelly bean-shaped cheese pizza. All in all it was pretty darn awesome. After we had lunch we went to the store and bought tons of Jelly Bellys and also some "Belly Flops" which are huge 2 lb. bags of Jelly Bellys that are slightly larger or smaller or fused together compared to normal Jelly Bellys.

So that was amazing but now I am so tired that I gotta get to bed. We have been walking a looottttt lately!!! :)

Sample Bar at Jelly Belly Factory

Me with the funny Jelly Belly hat on


Me high-fiving the Jelly Belly dude

Cool carousel at the mall

Norm chillin' on the train

Me drinking a coffee

Haha, a Bell Canada style phone on the train

Sweet flag vibe


Norm and the Jelly Belly dude

Cool car

Haha pictures of the bean shaped pizza and burger


The best shaped Pizza ever

Mmm... jelly bean shaped hamburger

All the stuff Norm bought, including 3 bags of "Belly Flops", which are slightly bigger, smaller or fused together jellybeans.

Sweet street name

Rockin' the Chick-Fil-A

Mmm.. southern

Amtrak back to the east bay

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