Friday, December 29, 2006

Party at Tim's place

Tonight was cool, partying with some friends from high school and elementary at Tim's house, then we went to a pub called Alex P. Keaton's which was pretty fun too.

Lots and lots of guitar jammin' tonight, a good remix of Bob Marley songs, lots of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, some Chili Peppers, and a couple of Dave songs as required by me. I rocked out a DMB Crash Into Me on my own tonight while the boys chilled out and that was pretty rockin', I was getting into it pretty fierce as is necessary when singing/playing Dave songs!!

Me and Jess

Haha and now for an insane photo

Chillin' in Tim's kitchen

Ans rockin' and rollin'

Ans, Jen and Steve

Me and Jen, kinda serious, kinda smiley

Me and Jen with smileys

Ans and Jen

Me, Jen, Steve

Whatt uppp!!

Rockin' at the Bar

Alex at the Bar

Steve and Jen beerin' it

Nash rockin' on the guitar by the fire

Ans rockin' the Acoustic Bass by the fire

Me taking a break from guitar for a few minutes

Alex relaxing for a while

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